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Abel Organic Perfume
SIP RESPONSIBLY. SPRAY LAVISHLY. Abel. The organic eau de parfum that's good enough to drink. Abel's two fragrances Vintage'13 and Tonic are both limited editions, and are sold in selected store across Europe and beyond. 
Abel's goal was to developed quite possibly the world's first 100% organic perfume (Literally you can drink it). And so Abel was born, named with a nod to the Dutch adventure Abel Tasman - the first European to discover New Zealand in 1642. Conceived in Auckland. Founded in Amsterdam. Concocted in San Paulo. Crafted in Mexico City. Blended in New York. And served with a cheeky slosh of gin in Berlin.  
The creative challenge was to create a fresh brand look that encompassed the many interesting stories behind the brand and each perfume. Each image has a world of its own. Etched illustration from the 1920's references the stories behind the brand and fragrances.  
Creative Direction & Design: Creative brand identity, Stationary, Digital media.