Creative Direction . Design

Glassons is a leading high street retailer in Australasia with a total of 65 stores throughout.

In 2009 Glassons required a total brand overhaul, from brand identity through to their interior & exterior retail environment. My responsibility was to redevelop the brand & total brand experience as well as manage the creative team. I was responsible for implementing creative direction, art direction and design across a wide range of departments & deliverables in the following areas:

• Brand identity and in-house labels & brands
• Design - marketing, print, packaging & online
• Interior design - retail/flagship stores & head office
• Art direct seasonal campaigns (every 6 weeks)
• Lrg/med/sml format window displays & product displays
• In-store creative (VM)
• Involvement & sign-off on TVC’s

The overall rebrand/refresh & ‘cool-factor’ injection has had an overwhelmingly positive customer & media response. This set a new reputation for the Glassons brand in Australia & New Zealand that better relates to its target audience (15 - 25 year olds).

• Four awards & two nominations
• Creative work featured prominently in three shoots for NZ Next Top Model

Flagship Store
The Glassons flagship store in Auckland, New Zealand, was inspired by a ‘rooms of the Mansion’ theme, while adaptations allow the space to withstand heavy demands of retail use.

The front window is literally ‘framed’ with an ornate but hard-wearing picture frame. The entry Portico features wrought iron gates, decorative ceramic floor tiles and a ceiling dome, which all add to the sense of grandeur. The main floor area to the ‘grand hall’ and ‘atrium’ contain the majority of merchandise housed in custom-made fixturing, which ranges from tiered display tables to stainless-steel racking to accommodate mass merchandising. The rear part of the store is the more intimate zone featuring a darker floor and ceiling that leads into an unashamedly girly pink dressing room with stylish tall mirrors and panelled doors. The counter has cabriole legs and decorative timber mouldings, like an ornate sideboard. The ‘library’ uses a grand bookcase to display clothes while accessories are showcased in a gallery of elegantly framed niches.

Customers love the playful touches such as the floral wall, striped fitting room ceiling and ‘chess piece’ columns and ‘comb-up’ bar which are unexpected within a volume retail environment.