Harrods Estates

Create a campaign for Harrods Estates that stands out from the normal real estate advertising. 

The concept was to create a real mini model of a typical property Harrods Estates would sell out of paper and then photographed on an ornate mantel piece. In time there would be a few different paper models made (keeping the campaign alive over the years) and they would then sit in the window as a beautiful display for the Harrods Estate office. After getting quotes for this to be hand made from paper and then photograph, it turned out to be more than our budget. So we decided to have it built in 3D by the fantastic Tim Copper which was a real success.  

The client was very happy and we exceeded their expectations. 

Harrods Estates is a London-based estate agent for luxury London properties, houses and apartments to buy or rent in Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Chelsea and Kensington. Harrods Estates was started in 1897 and has expanded gradually since then.

3D Artist: Tim Cooper