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Established by Kim Band, We Smell The Rain was born out of a desire to connect back to nature. Working as a creative for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, Kim discovered that city living left her craving the the wild beauty her childhood homes of South Africa and New Zealand.

We Smell The Rain is an Amsterdam-based design studio creating unique ways to bring nature indoors. Our focus is on bridging the gap between nature and the city. Our aesthetic is clean and minimal with an emphasis on quality materials, detailed finishing and craftsmanship. 

We design and create elegant innovative installations and products which takes the natural world as a starting point. Influenced by Japanese, Scandinavian and Mid-century design principles, WSTR celebrates the simplicity and integrity of natural materials and processes.

We design contemporary plant-based installations and products for interior and commercial spaces. Our aim is for greenery to influence and be integrated into the built environment, so it feels cohesive and seamless while adding an element of surprise. 

We accept commissions from one-of-a-kind objects to large immersive displays.